Recipe: How to cook Canadian Wild Rice


On shopping day, I browsed the bulk bins, hoping against hope that I could find the real thing - Canadian Lake Wild Rice - here, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. ¬†As I scanned past basmati, jasmine and wild rice blends, my eye caught something shiny and jet black. I didn't even have to read the label to know I was in business. The long grains gave themselves away. They look like a pile of runway models in sleek black dresses. Canadian wild rice is all together a different plant than American wild rice. … [Read more...]

Fun Fact Friday: Belgium (with polls)


Photo is courtesy of the CIA World Factbook. This stunning art-nouveau home was built between 1901 and 1903 for painter Georges de Saint-Cyr. There are over 400 kinds of beers in Belgium. Most are made from barley, although some are made from wheat. When a baby is born, the Godparents give out white Jordan almonds to family and friends. Chocolates are popular. One kind, called Fruits de Mer (fruit of the sea) is a seashell shaped mixture of chocolate and ground … [Read more...]