Dill & Lemon Pepper Gravlax | GravlaksGravlax is cured salmon, a.k.a. raw salmon that sits in a bed of sugar and salt for three days or until firm and ready to eat. The flavor is typically enhanced with items like dill, lemon peel, spirits, cracked pepper, and more. It tastes a lot like smoked salmon, but fresher, brighter, and sweeter.
  1. Check the salmon for pin bones.
  2. Place the fillet a the casserole, on double layer of saran and coat skinless side with all ingredients, letting some spill over to coat the sides.
  3. Wrap tightly and refrigerate for about 3 days.
  4. Every day, turn the salmon once in the morning and once at night.
  5. When ready to prepare take the salmon out and scrape off all marinade ingredients.
  6. To serve, thinly slice on a sharp angle, leaving the skin behind.
  7. Fold the pieces, or lay them flat and overlap them.
  8. Garnish with extra dill, lemon peel and cracked pepper.
Recipe Notes

Gravlax is great with crackers, bread, or cucumber slices.  You might also like it with a dab of Scandinavian Mustard & Dill Sauce,from when we cooked our Finnish Global Table.


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