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printable-passport-previewTeachers work hard.

The best teachers put countless hours into their classroom projects because they care about their students, not because they expect some sort of external reward (seeing a child's eyes light up with new knowledge does more than any trophy).

Thank you for bringing the world into your classroom.

Raising the next generation of global citizens adds a whole new layer of complexity to teaching! I designed a printable passport to make things a little easier. It'll accommodate as many pages as you need and is perfect to track class projects, international festivals and more! To access this free resource simply sign up for my newsletter below.  If you know anyone else working to give their students an international perspective feel free to share this page - together we can make the world a friendlier place, one bite at a time!


  1. eleanor says

    Read your book, laughed, cried and enjoyed it from start to finish. I am passing this along to my daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law. They had did something similar but on a much smaller scale. I thought they would enjoy doing this.
    Thanks for your heartfelt life journey. Eleanor

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  4. I love your passport! I would love to use it during reading week, it there a way I can edit it?

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