Recipe: Red Red (Black eyed peas in red sauce)


Serves 4-6 Have you always wanted to dye your hair red, but have never had the courage? Do the next best thing - cozy up to a bowl of west-African "Red Red." Ginger people look dull in comparison to this electric one pot wonder. The bright red color comes from the addition of shockingly excessive amounts of red palm oil - up to one cup for three cups of beans in some recipes. Traditional recipes include so much oil that a red ring forms around the base of the beans.¬†I've been fairly modest … [Read more...]

Recipe: German Tree Cake (Baumtorte/Baumkuchen)


Serves 12 This is my favorite cake. All 20 layers of it. It has been since my mitten-wearing years. My mom used this intricately layered almond and chocolate cake as an activity for us kids - something to keep us busy on rainy mornings, when crayons had lost their interest. It is single-handedly responsible for my obsession with almond paste (and it's sweeter counterpart, marzipan). The original recipe might as well be called "the dance of dirty bowls." I took a hacksaw to the method, … [Read more...]

Drink your way around the world this New Year’s Eve


A little bonus post, in honor of New Year's Eve... Global Table-style! My party days are long over (unless you count staying up all night with a sick baby). Still, I appreciate a good drink on a special occasion. When it comes to New Year's Eve, I'm in bed long before the ball drops - I don't even stay up to watch it on TV (I don't have one). Last year I went to bed at 10pm. I'm aware that I'm developing elderly tendencies a little too soon. I'm aware that I'm¬†incredibly unhip. But my … [Read more...]