Recipe: Golden Coconut Dream


I have a problem. Mangoes. I ate an entire crate of mangoes when I was pregnant with Ava. Ten mangoes in less than a week. Or was it twenty? Mangoes are so outrageously good right now. I can barely stop eating them long enough to let them soften up on the counter.  I have trouble sharing. Thankfully Laos has a dessert that showcases this crazy fruit in a fun and simple way. Remember that sticky, sticky rice? The staple of Laos? That's your ticket. Let's whip up a heaping bowl of warm coconut … [Read more...]

Recipe: Sticky, sticky rice (Khao Neow)

Planting Rice in Laos. Photo by Ondřej Žváček.

I used to think rice was a boring, safe choice, back before this Adventure. Then there was Persian Sour Cherry Rice. I died. Rice cooked in banana leaf tubes, called Longton. Lovely. Rainbow Rice. I smile on the inside and outside. Kushary - mixed with noodles, spaghetti and lentils. What? Coca Cola Rice. Who? Bottom line - rice is epic the world around. We've done a half ton of cool rice dishes on this Adventure. It goes on and on, and on, and on - no need to ever be bored with rice … [Read more...]

Recipe: Machboos, or how I went to happy town.


Certain times call for celebration. Babies. Birthdays. Finding the love of your life. Daydreaming about the love of your life. When a light turns green at the exact right moment, before you have to apply the brakes. For those times, I present Machboos. Take a dive off the deep end with this beloved Kuwaiti dish that boasts warm hits of cinnamon, turmeric, saffron mingled with sweet caramelized onions and raisins. We made ours with chicken, but you can also make it with fish or lamb. If you … [Read more...]

Recipe: Beef & Sausage Stuffed Peppers


I love presents. Surprises. Happy faces. So does my daughter. Imagine her ecstatic two-year old delight, then, when her dinner was a lidded present filled with a bounty of rice, sausage and beef? But the real surprise wasn't her reaction - it was Keith's. My very own Mr. Picky has been asking for stuffed peppers ever since I made them last week.Who knew this man would fall so hard for a simple stuffed pepper. Who knew he'd be so easy to please. He's right, though. And, for the record, so is … [Read more...]

Recipe: Superstar Bibimbap


Today is my late brother's birthday - he would have been 34 and into who knows what kind of trouble. No joke. I like to think that, if he were here, he'd take a break from his ornery ways and we'd eat this sizzling Korean specialty together. As it cooked in front of us - at the table - we'd celebrate him with big bursts of goofy laughter. Bibimbap is perfect for celebrating superstars - like him. Like you. Sure, there are days when we don't feel like superstars. When everything seems … [Read more...]

Recipe: Sushi Rice (Shari)


Makes 4.5 cups cooked rice (enough for 6 half rolls)  Some things in life take a lifetime to master. Sushi rice is one of those things. Every time I make it I get better. With every bite my smiles grow bigger and my belly happier. But I also look forward to the next time - and improving it - just as much. If you want to try - go for it! While it is admittedly difficult to make professional quality sushi rice, it's surprisingly easy to make good sushi rice. As longs as you buy the … [Read more...]

Recipe: Vegetarian Sushi (Futomaki)


Makes 6 rolls (on 1/2 sheet nori seeweed) - serves 2 Do you have a yearning to be creative? An artist? Do you want to release your imagination into the wild? Are you also hungry? The answer is sushi. While sushi making is an art that requires years of training to master, everyone can play the game. It's like I tell my husband - you don't have to be Michelangelo to paint a personal masterpiece. Similarly, you don't have to be a sushi chef to fill your belly with satisfying … [Read more...]

Recipe: Persian Sour Cherry Rice


Serves 6 Take a look around you. I mean really, really look around. Every little thing - that weathered window sill, the sparkly vase, even that fuzzy gray pillow - they can all be your inspiration. Your muse. The catalyst to the next great idea. Take this Persian Sour Cherry Rice, for example. When I look at this masterpiece in form and taste - I can't help but wonder what inspired someone to create such a dish. Who was the clever soul that first made this tower of deliciousness … [Read more...]