Video Saturday: Canada

How to Harvest Canadian Wild Rice: httpv:// Slow Food in Ontario, in the center: httpv:// The food of Montreal, to the east: httpv:// The food of Vancouver, to the west: httpv:// … [Read more...]

Video Saturday: Cameroon

Happy Saturday! This BBC video is all about eating bush meat in Cameroon - hunting and cooking it. Hunting for food is common around the world, even today - despite supermarkets and other conveniences. Enjoy! httpv:// … [Read more...]

Watch the making of Cambodia’s infamous delicacy

In this first video watch Cambodians cook and eat fresh tarantulas. A fascinating delicacy. In this video, learn about Cambodia, which means "born from water" - about halfway through they show images of the food market. A neat factoid: the video mentions that rice is so ubiquitous, that the verb to "eat" in Cambodian literally means to "eat rice." … [Read more...]

Witness the sights and tastes of Burundi

In this first video, you'll see the longest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika, as well as mukeke, one of the fish that comes from these beautiful waters. In this second video you'll view scenery from the small lakes region of Burundi, as well as spectacular fresh produce. Finally, watch drumming performances at the Avocado Oil Festival, followed by a display of food made with … [Read more...]

Watch the making of a Christmas feast in Burkina Faso

Preparing Food in Burkina Faso

The making of a Christmas Feast in Burkina Faso. Part One: Shows the preparation of the meal on the outdoor fires. Part Two: The finished dishes are presented to the camera.   … [Read more...]

A Virtual Tour of Bulgaria In this video you will take a virtual tour of Bulgaria's varied landscape, described by the narrator as a "piece of paradise." Just beware the string bikini in the middle. Yikes.   … [Read more...]

Witness Brunei’s Water Taxis in action

Learn about the wealthy country of Brunei, including their culture and festivals. In this video, we learn that Brunei is home to the world's biggest water village (on stilts) and has areas of pristine rain forest (the hostess of the video actually climbs up giant scaffolding, past the top of the canopy). Love and happiness. … [Read more...]

Watch Brazil’s Food Safari

Take a Brazilian Food Safari and learn about many popular ingredients and foods including feijoada:   … [Read more...]