About the food of Spain

La Barona avui forma parrt de l'hotel Don Jaime by PCB75

Here we are. Spain. No pressure. (bonkers pressure!) When I started this lil' ol' Global Table Adventure, I honestly wasn't sure we'd make it this far. That was more than three years ago. I had a six month-old cooing in my arms. And cooking 162 countries (let alone 195 - now 196 with the addition of South Sudan) seemed all but a fairy tale. But I plugged on. One dish per week. And so, here we are. We made it to the 163rd country! Spain. A rocky land, with a giant dry plateau … [Read more...]

About the food of South Africa

Landscape scenery in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Photo by Nicolas Raymond.

Ah, South Africa. Almost since the beginning of this Adventure I've been looking forward to our week in South Africa. I'm not sure why - certainly the fairy tale mountains that tower above the white-capped ocean is one part of it. As is the bustling city centers and even the dry interior.   But another is that my dear friend Janine is from South Africa. Whenever Janine speaks of her homeland, she gets a dreamy, lost sort of look about her face. She only goes … [Read more...]

About the food of Somalia

Boats on the beach in Merca, Somalia. -tahir turk

On the easternmost edge of Africa, next to the Indian Ocean, lies Somalia. This long, lean country is shaped rather fortuitously like the lucky number 7. Or a boomerang. The arid land is a haven for wanderers -  rugged nomads who trace trails through the shifting sands and savannas until they can find a suitable spot to set up home for yet another night. Date-dotted mountains line the northern reaches of Somalia, while the south is known for farming treats like corn, sugar cane, … [Read more...]

About the food of the Solomon Islands

Children outside Tuo school, Fenualoa, Reef Islands, Solomon Islands. Photo by Pohopetch.

This week's country meets the ocean with two faces. On one side are her cliffs, razor sharp and formidable  On the other are gentle slopes. The two are connected by a central spine of mountains. This is the Solomon Islands, a collection of islands to the northeast of Australia, just east of Papua New Guinea. In this tropical land, many houses are built on stilts and about 80% of islanders live in the boondocks. The Pacific Ocean is as much a valued friend, relied on for nourishment in the … [Read more...]

About the food of Slovenia

Ptuj, Slovenia. Photo by Marcin Gierszner.

This week we explore a land of sharp mountains and sunlit grasses, where sheep meander and grapevines hang heavy with fruit. This is Slovenia, a natural wonderland, a place where the simple way of life is preferred. Nowhere is this clearer, than in the food. There are salads of bitter dandelion greens (harvested from right outside the back door) tossed with potato and hard-boiled egg, and bowls of sliced cucumbers in sour cream.  There are turnip strudels (!) and cranberry stuffed … [Read more...]

About the food of Slovakia

Vrbové, city center. Photo by Stanislav Doronenko.

Just when I thought I'd seen the most beautiful castles in the world, Slovakia slides into my vision. Her mighty mountains, sparkling lakes, and deep forests are as lovely as any other in Eastern Europe, but the castles are simply unreal. It is not the architecture that speaks most strongly to me, but the way these stopping posts for the weary hearted reach out of nature with almost alarming boldness. One look can lead a dreamer to distraction. I can't help but wonder...What lives once … [Read more...]

About the food of Singapore

Downtown Raffles Place by Dem Romero

Imagine a land of sparkling skyscrapers built in a land so humid that, if you shut your eyes, you could almost feel the rain forest drip down onto your cheeks. This is Singapore, a slick, modern, island nation known for her diverse population, epitomized by an astounding four official languages (Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil). Where once towering jungle stood, glass and steel now touch the sky. If you're looking for sprawling nature, you'll have to spread out a little, and explore her … [Read more...]

About the food of Sierra Leone

Woman and child in Mile 91, Sierra Leone. Photo by Annabel Symington.

I recently watched a video from the BBC about Sierra Leone in preparation for today, which asks the question "Is the Global Media too negative about Africa"? Great question. I have my answer, and if you've been around this blog for more than five minutes, you can probably guess what it is. My mission is to build up the positive stories, for every country, no matter what. Please note, you should not ignore the negative. We need to be aware. To do our part. This is vital. But you'll just … [Read more...]