About the Food of Burundi

Fishermen on Lake Tanganyika. Photo courtesy of Francesca Ansaloni

Nestled up to the largest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika, is the tiny country of Burundi. There, amidst the rolling hills and the lush tropics, live a people surviving on a simple bounty of beans, bananas, plantains, maize (corn), cassava, sweet potato, and peas. Peek under the lid of any Burundian pot, and you'll likely find red kidney beans. Cooked simply with a little red palm oil, onion, and spicy chili powder, the nutrient rich bean becomes a delight.  To avoid monotony, many … [Read more...]

About the Food of Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso is a dizzying landscape of dusty red plains and grassy savannas, broken up by stunning rock formations that tower above the ground. The culinary landscape of Burkina Faso is similar - plain, sparse even - with the occasional burst of unexpected flavor. Let me explain. Most meals are centered around pieces of Tô, a firm ball of white starch made with millet, sorghum, or corn. These bland balls are wonderfully adaptive because they take on the flavor the broths, soups, and … [Read more...]

About Bulgarian Food


Bulgaria will always make me smile. Exactly one week before I was to cook our Bulgarian Global Table, a young man from - you guessed it - Bulgaria came knocking on our door. I still haven't pick my jaw up off the floor. I live on a tiny street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for goodness sakes! These things just don't happen. Tall, gawky and very kind, Nick had one mission: to sell educational children's books during his summer break. When my mother discovered the origins of his thick accent, she … [Read more...]

About the Food of Brunei


Something is fishy in  Brunei, and I like it! With miles of coastline, fish and seafood (such as shrimp and squid) make regular appearances at the dinner table. Even if you're not eating fish, your meal may include belachan, or shrimp paste. The tiny country of Brunei (about the size of Delaware) boasts rain forests, low-lying plains, and oceanfront vistas. Sweet tropical fruits (such as mango, membangan,  papaya, watermelon, durian, kembayau, Brunei cherry, and rambutan - like lychee) are … [Read more...]

Technique Thursday: Working with Dried Beans


Take a stroll down the beach. White sands. Crystal waters. Beans. If you're in the Caribbean, chances are you're going to have beans on your plate at least once during your stay. Beans show up most famously in 'Peas n' Rice." Don't be fooled by the absence of the word "bean" in the title, though. In this case "peas" refers to the bean called Pigeon Peas (or Black Eyed Peas). As an alternative Peas n' Rice is sometimes made with kidney beans. If you don't end up eating Peas n' Rice, you'll … [Read more...]

While I’m Cooking: Bahrain & TulsaPeople

If you haven't already heard, I made it into the May issue of TulsaPeople Magazine. Woo hoo! But, before I show you that, let's watch a couple of videos all about Bahrain. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nWiDk6t1so&feature=related] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbVDX1BYMg0&feature=related] Ok, ok, ok.... now....let's go check out Global Table in Tulsa People!!! Special thanks to Judy Allen, Food Editor. I'm honored she included this project in her Table Talk … [Read more...]

Sunshine Award

Cooking my way around the world feels like young love. One minute I'm giddy with excitement, thinking about what it will be like to cook and feast on the next 3 1/2 years of meals. The next minute, I'm dumbstruck with awe as I ponder just how many countries I have left in my challenge. I mean, really. I've done 7 and I've got 188 to go... !!! With an average of 4 recipes per country that's about ... 752 more recipes... And this week I'm putting together 7 dishes for … [Read more...]

Video Saturday: Sasha (that’s me!!) in the news

Here's the FOX 23 news clip featuring Global Table! Me, my daughter and my husband all make an appearance... A Tulsa Mom Cooks Her Way 'Round The World There are "behind the scene" photos on our Facebook fan page as well... Enjoy!! … [Read more...]