Giveaway: Linda Bladholm, One of Two

Asian Grocery Store

NOTE: A WINNER was selected by! Yay! See who was selected. No, we aren't giving away Linda Bladholm herself. We're doing the next best thing. This week, during our Canadian Global Table Adventure, we're giving away two of Linda's books. Canada is indeed a melting pot of Asian, Indian and other cultures - so it is appropriate that we give away The Asian Grocery Store Demystified today and The Indian Grocery Store Demystified Friday. And, if you're following our Adventure, … [Read more...]

Technique Thursday: Working with Dried Beans


Take a stroll down the beach. White sands. Crystal waters. Beans. If you're in the Caribbean, chances are you're going to have beans on your plate at least once during your stay. Beans show up most famously in 'Peas n' Rice." Don't be fooled by the absence of the word "bean" in the title, though. In this case "peas" refers to the bean called Pigeon Peas (or Black Eyed Peas). As an alternative Peas n' Rice is sometimes made with kidney beans. If you don't end up eating Peas n' Rice, you'll … [Read more...]

Sunshine Award

Cooking my way around the world feels like young love. One minute I'm giddy with excitement, thinking about what it will be like to cook and feast on the next 3 1/2 years of meals. The next minute, I'm dumbstruck with awe as I ponder just how many countries I have left in my challenge. I mean, really. I've done 7 and I've got 188 to go... !!! With an average of 4 recipes per country that's about ... 752 more recipes... And this week I'm putting together 7 dishes for … [Read more...]

Red Palm Oil


I first heard about Red Palm Oil on Tuesday, when I was digging around for Angolan recipes. I am cooking with it this weekend so time to get educated! Turns out there's been a lot of hype about Red Palm Oil in the natural foods/health food world. With good reason. Red Palm Oil ... -  is popular in parts of Asia, Africa, and Latin America -  has been consumed for thousands of years -  has a high smoke point (437F) -  is red because its high in beta carotene and … [Read more...]

Seven Reasons Why I chose Adventure 195


Adventure 195 is about to begin. You might think I'm crazy for wanting to cook my way through the cuisines of all 195 countries of the world, but I have my reasons. Eight, actually.   My cooking is in a deep, no longer passable rut.  No one wants to travel on that road anymore, least of all me. Now is the time to give my taste buds some excitement! Now is time to let the beautiful world inspire me! My husband’s Picky Eater Syndrome is in remission thanks to much hard work … [Read more...]