A week of global celebrations


We're taking a week to celebrate. To smile and laugh. To throw imaginary snowballs. To sing songs at the top of  lungs, despite the fact that we don't know all the lyrics. To quote Ava: "we wish you, we wish you... we ... wish you...WE WISH YOU!!!" (She's working on memorizing the rest) I'm also going to share some great Global tidbits with you throughout the week. Here's the itinerary: Global holiday menu ideas Sneak peak of our very own Global Table Adventure reusable … [Read more...]

O’ happy day. We’re almost halfway.

Ava's first food

httpv://youtu.be/bKrEOaKt7Nk 97 Over the last (almost) two years we've eaten meals from 97 countries* of the world. That means we've eaten just about half the world. Deep breath. Smile. Yum. We're on our way. 12 In addition, I've met more than a dozen people exactly when I needed them to help me cook their countries. And when I say exactly, I mean in the week or days leading up to the country in question. Some straight-up knocked on my door, some were my checkout girls at … [Read more...]

11 Global Gifts for Your Very Global Black Friday


While I am a stuff-my-face-with-turkey-and-gratitude kind of gal, I'm decidedly not a get-up-at-three-am-to-go-shopping kind of gal. Still, I love the satisfaction of finding just the right gift for just the right person. After all, what's better than a moment like this, when you open up an entire world with a simple book ... ... or when you can practically smell the flowers of the world when you turn the page... ... or when you get lost in a dream of snuggling in a hammock … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Cuteness; Celebrating our Local Winner


I'd like to frost my hair. Not in the 80's "cool-hip-extra-frosted-spiky-tips" way, but with actual frosting. That way I could nibble on my hair whenever I got peckish. And, if given the choice, I definitely would live in a gingerbread house, like the witch in Hansel and Gretel. But I wouldn't be a witch; I'd simply eat candy all day long. And lots, and lots of frosting. Today, in the spirit of all things frosting and candy, I give you the winner of the local division of our Gingerbread for … [Read more...]

Our Globally Inspired Thanksgiving


Hi Friends! This week we're taking a break from our A-Z cooking Adventures for the week. I'm not sure what to make of that. I feel sort of exposed. Vulnerable. Like I'm in one of those dreams in which I am not dressed appropriately for the situation. Like... at all. At this point, 2 years into the Adventure, I feel like I should constantly be cooking something crazy wonderful for you to enjoy - for us to enjoy! But, here's the thing... we have several important matters to attend … [Read more...]

Happy One-Year Celebration! Plus our giveaway winner…


About a year ago I was in a strange place. I was a new mom. My hair was a mess. My eyes were crusty. I hadn't slept through the night for over a year - since about the time Ava started trying to push her bottom through my ribs. From the inside. Yawn. About this time I was also looking for purpose. Like deep, soul searching purpose. I got a haircut, but it didn't help. I wanted (needed) to make a difference at home and in the world. I had sweet baby Ava and my love & best … [Read more...]

Recipe: Callaloo


Serves 4-6 Callaloo, a luscious green stew made all over the Caribbean, is one of *those* recipes. It's like chili in the US; everyone lays claim to having the "best" version. And every version was made by someone's mama, so you best not mess with it. This version is made by Ava's mamma - me. But.. unlike those other recipes, feel free to mess with mine. After all, I'm a novice Callaloo maker and still have a lot to learn. Given the limitations of supplies around these parts, I went ahead … [Read more...]

10 Fabulous Finger Foods from Around the World (a.k.a. Party Food)


I'd rather not eat pancakes if I have to use a knife and fork.  I much prefer tearing them into small, irregular pieces before dipping - just barely - into maple syrup and taking a bite. Licking my fingers completes the happy process. Yes... I love eating with my fingers (don't you?). And, from what I've read, I'm in good company around the world. Here's ten international, absolutely fabulous ideas to get you through this finger-lickin' party season. 1. Camarao Grelhado Piri Piri … [Read more...]