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This week I can shut my eyes and dream my way to Italy.  All I need is to dust my hands with flour, slap around some pasta dough, and fill the house with the scent of steamed artichoke. In an instant, I'm there. Just knowing that I'm making recipes that my family has made for hundreds of years (in some form or another), brings a smile to my face - it's like a mini vacation from the unknown so common in this adventure. Then, as I watch Ava help me cook and enjoy the food, my heart triples in … [Read more...]

About the Food of Italy


Mom proudly calls the Italian side of our family peasants. The old-fashioned word makes me laugh, but she insists that's exactly what they were. They weren't nobility. They weren't merchants. They were peasants. Farmers, if you will. More specifically, they worked the mushroom fields in Cicagna, Italy - a bumpkin-sized town near Genoa. From what I understand, our family left behind a mountainside villa and acres of mushrooms for a passport to Ellis Island. In their absence, my … [Read more...]