Technique Thursday: How to make good Nocken (Austrian Spaetzle)


Kasnocken (Recipe) are small, "squiggly" pasta served with cheese and caramelized onion, essentially Austrian Mac and Cheese. This delicious "post-ski" comfort food can be made any number of ways, but I've done some research on proper technique. The best KasNocken techniques keep the dough tender: - Do not over-mix the dough or your Nocken will be tough. Just combine ingredients with your hand or a spoon until just mixed. - Let the dough rest for 10-20 minutes after mixing. This … [Read more...]

Menu: Austria


When I wrote this menu, I was thinking of my husband. That's why chocolate shows up twice. So why was I thinking of my husband? Because we're due for a romantic date night. Ever since baby Ava was born, date nights have been at home. That doesn't mean the date can't be special, though.  I chose this menu because most of the meal is made ahead and just needs assembly at dinner time, leaving more time for socializing. NOTE: I just had the fortunate opportunity to speak with an Austrian. As a … [Read more...]

About Austrian Food: land of ‘sausage-gobblers’?


"What did you call me?" "Sausage-gobbler!" "Why, I oughtta!!!" "No, no! It's a compliment in Austria!" Austrians appreciate good, meaty, fried, stick-to-your-ribs-after-a-day-of-hiking-or-skiing food, followed by so-decadent-they-should-be-illegal pastries and desserts. True, modern Austrians trend towards eating a more healthy, low-fat diet. However, traditional Austrian diners are affectionately referred to as Wurstfressers (sausage-gobblers). Wurstfressers are Austrians who enjoy so … [Read more...]