Fun Fact Friday: Sumakh (Sumac) POLLS


There are weeks I spend 10 hours grocery shopping. Take week 5, for example. Angola. I ran around to the fish market, the latino market, the african market, the health food store... and, just when I thought I was done, I realized I forgot something on the list and I had to head out again. With a baby, no less. A baby with needs. For example, Ava likes to eat once in a while. And sleep. And poop. She's like a ticking time bomb; do too many errands, and she goes off. Well, this … [Read more...]

Menu: Armenia


Nom, nom. I'm in the grazing mood. Solution? An Armenian Meza buffet for this weekend's Global Table. Meza buffets are typically served cold or room temperature. Most of the dishes can be wrapped up or dipped in flatbread, making Meza great picnic food. This meal is vegetarian; add seasoned grilled chicken, beef, or lamb, if desired. Lavash Armenian flatbread Spiced Feta [Recipe] Feta seasoned with paprika, tarragon, oregano, and sumakh (tart berry powder available at middle … [Read more...]

About Armenian Food: where friendships are… salty?


Sayings stab the truth right in the eye - with just a few simple words they gracefully reveal local culture. For example, when an Armenian is in the company of good friends they say "We have bread and salt among us." Why? Bread is an Armenian staple. The most popular flatbread is lavash, while the most popular leavened bread is Pideh. Comparing friendship to bread shows how both are basic sustenance to Armenians. Salt is an essential part of all diets because it is required for … [Read more...]