Menu: Afghanistan


After hours going through my cookbook collection, browsing through library shelves, and surfing online, I can honestly say that I am ready to eat some Afghan food!  My stomach is growling. I put together a menu for this weekend, but not without some heartache.  I had a tough time eliminating potential dishes. Everything sounded so good! Here's what I came up with: Sabse Borani [Recipe] Traditional Afghan spinach-yogurt dip Burani Bonjon [Recipe] Spicy Braised Eggplant in a … [Read more...]

About Afghani Food: And we’re off to Afghanistan


I keep a cold house in the winter. Icicle nose cold. Sure, the frigid air makes me irritable, but usually throwing on another sweater solves that problem. Unless I am getting out of the shower, in which case I just have to grit my teeth and dry off quickly. Well, imagine my delight when I uncovered this gem of a fact about Afghan culture: In the depth of winter food is eaten around the sandali, the traditional form of Afghan heating. A sandali consists of a low table covered with a … [Read more...]