Menu: China


At a restaurant, once I find an item on the menu that I like, I almost never order anything different again. It's terribly lazy and non Adventurous.,. but also comforting after a long, terrible, grumpy kind of day. While I've had my fair share of Chinese food, I broke out of my comfort zone this week and put together a menu of dishes I've never tried, although you will recognize the names. Have you ever had any of these dishes? Mu Shoo Pork [Recipe] From northern China, Mu Shoo Pork is … [Read more...]

About the Food of China


China is giant, offering up 24 classical regional cuisines within six time zones. To my highly untrained eye, the widest part of China looks to be about the width of North Africa. That's some serious diversity. Overall, Chinese value the spiritual and physical beauty of food as much as the nutritive qualities. Harmony is important - many dishes are designed to balance salty, bitter, sweet, and sour elements, not to mention crunchy versus soft textures. Additionally, hours can be spent … [Read more...]