Menu: Poland (& Giveaway)


Have you ever heard the saying "All the goats jump onto leaning trees"? ("Na pochyłe drzewo wszystkie kozy skaczą.") It's Polish. The saying means goats know to make due with what they are given - they leap to take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself. Real practical, those goats. We should be more like them. Which brings me to our menu. This week, this beautiful week of October, we are given ruddy apples harvested fresh from the orchard, comforting potatoes with dirt still … [Read more...]

About the food of Poland

A city hall in Poland by Tb808.

Among the cool, rolling hills of Central Europe, which stretch like green tomcats beneath the blue sky, lays Poland ... where waters run clear from the city's industrious lip, all the way to the edge of her spiny mountains. Situated between Germany and Belarus, the best Polish food  can be summed up by that which is hunted, foraged, or fished.  Under the filtered forest canopy, mushrooms are not just dinner, but a hobby. Fish, straight from the river, is a way of life (think herring, carp, … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Philippines

Sasha and keith at global vision dinner

We all have mountains to climb  (or, since this is the Philippines' week at the Global Table, we all have volcanoes to climb). To cook the Philippines, I rolled two dozen lumpia shanghai, simmered pork adobo with a house-cleansing formula of vinegar and bay leaf, and slurped on bubbly, ooey, gooey sago at gulaman. And none of it was easy. Every step of the way, I felt like I was trudging on the steep side of a cold volcano. Until I got to the vista. You see, this week's cooking was … [Read more...]