Monday Meal Review: Mauritius

THE SCENE: Photography Teaches I step up onto the soft seat cushion and bend my head under the low ceiling. Time to snap some pictures. I hold my breath, teetering over the banana tart, willing myself not to fall. That's when Keith pops in the room (he's home to help care for our sick, feverish daughter) and snaps a picture of me (see above). As I swivel my head to see what he's doing I almost fall over, right onto the lattice work grid. But before I can turn my head, he's … [Read more...]

Recipe: Ginger n’ Spice Tomato Sauce (Rougaille)

If there is one recipe that reflects the Mauritian potluck of global flavors, this is it. Rougaille. Let's take a walk through the flavors of this unusual sauce - I have a feeling you just might make friends. First, imagine a simple, homemade tomato sauce. The deep red goodness smells sweet and fresh. This sauce can be found in homes all across the world. Tomatoes, onion, garlic. Standard fare. Until you take a bite. Then you realize, this is more complex than you could have ever known. This … [Read more...]