Menu: Liechtenstein


Let's make the best of this thing called "winter." Let's wear our favorite slippers, snuggle up to a cheesy bowl of pasta, homemade applesauce and the most epic King's Cake around. With a menu like this, there's really no reason to get out of bed, let alone leave the house. Especially if you get to be Queen for the day. Congratulations, mom! So go ahead, bite into this vegetarian meal from Lichtenstein... (and if you're looking to make the King's Cake for Epiphany, the recipe will be up … [Read more...]

About the food of Liechtenstein

Steg, by Clemens v. Vogelsang

What's 16 miles away from you right now? The grocery store? Your favorite museum? Perhaps the beach you like to splash around in during the summer? What about your mother's house? Or the mountains? Now imagine this: Liechtenstein is exactly 16 miles long (and 4 miles wide). No more, no less. You could cross the entire country in the time it takes you to go to that special place. She's teeny weeny and, yet, there are still five other countries in the world smaller than … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Libya


THE SCENE: I take off Ava's fuzzy hat and coat, give her a kiss and off she goes - into her classroom. As I turn to leave, her teacher calls after me. "What are you cooking today?" "Libya!" I exclaim, perhaps a bit to excitedly, "I'm trying their version of shortbread. They put a whole clove in them!" "Sounds great!" she smiles, and gets right back to work, helping the kids with the day's craft project. I pause for a moment to watch them work, admiring how carefully their little … [Read more...]

Recipe: Whipped Ghee Shortbread Cookies (Ghraiba)

Every day should be special. A day to use fancy napkins. A day to nibble cookies with tea. A day to smile more than you did the entire year before. This cookie is for such a day. Say hello to the ghraiba, or Libya's answer to crispy, buttery shortbread. They aren't super sweet, but they have a tender crumb, perfect for teatime. Two things make these cookies unique. First, they are made with ghee, a.k.a. cooked, clarified butter. Second, they are studded with whole cloves, which can be eaten … [Read more...]