About the food of Jordan

Petra, Jordan. Photo by Bernard Gagnon.

Jordan is a desert wonderland - generally hot, dry, arid - and full of some of the most fabulous landmarks around. Just ask Hollywood - they love using Jordan's unique scenery in films. Most notably, there's the city of Petra, carved into rose colored stone - existing only in legends for 7 centuries until it was uncovered in 1812 deep in the desert rocks. How cool is that? It's like the lost city of Atlantis, found... the stuff of dreams. Since it's discovery, the allure of this city built into … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Japan


THE SCENE: Not only does Ava have no interest in tasting sushi, she won't even touch the stuff. She takes one look at it and just shakes her head, content to nibble edamame. In the past, I've tried various techniques to get Ava interested in sushi. I order rolls with nothing but asparagus, cucumber, and avocado - her most favorite veggies. I "oooh" and "ahhh" over how wonderful my roll tastes. I have even taken her to dinner with her little friend Sanya who gobbles sushi down faster than … [Read more...]

Recipe: Sushi Rice (Shari)


Makes 4.5 cups cooked rice (enough for 6 half rolls)  Some things in life take a lifetime to master. Sushi rice is one of those things. Every time I make it I get better. With every bite my smiles grow bigger and my belly happier. But I also look forward to the next time - and improving it - just as much. If you want to try - go for it! While it is admittedly difficult to make professional quality sushi rice, it's surprisingly easy to make good sushi rice. As longs as you buy the … [Read more...]

Recipe: Espresso Jello with Evaporated Milk


Fills 10 standard silicone muffin liners or pour into 8x8 baking dish It's wiggly. It's jiggly. And it's in your drink. Jellooooo for adults. You can thank Japan for their love of mixing textures - there's nothing quite like slurping up jello squares into a round straw, along with a bit of milk. Gulp. Slurp. Chew. Note: If you substitute hot cocoa for the coffee, you won't need the sugar as long as your mix is sweetened. Ingredients: For the jello: 1 1/2 cups hot, … [Read more...]

A Bento for Miss Ava (w/ poll)


I love cute hair cuts. Cute smiles. Cute babies. I especially love cute food. And believe me - the Japanese know cute food. Not content to simply let plain-Jane food lay limp in the lunch box, they have an entire industry devoted to countless accessories and gadgets whose sole purpose is to make food perky and cute. It's the art of Bento. And it's super kawaii (guess what that means?). A little background: Ava just started a 2 day per week preschool program and she takes a packed … [Read more...]

Recipe: Vegetarian Sushi (Futomaki)


Makes 6 rolls (on 1/2 sheet nori seeweed) - serves 2 Do you have a yearning to be creative? An artist? Do you want to release your imagination into the wild? Are you also hungry? The answer is sushi. While sushi making is an art that requires years of training to master, everyone can play the game. It's like I tell my husband - you don't have to be Michelangelo to paint a personal masterpiece. Similarly, you don't have to be a sushi chef to fill your belly with satisfying … [Read more...]