Recipe: Kushary (also Kushari)

Serves 6

In Egypt, there are entire restaurants devoted soley to the production of Kushary. Giant vats are filled with the necessary ingredients and kept warm over low heat. With each order, a quick-moving server walks their ladle through the vats, filling the customer’s bowl up to the brim with pasta, rice, lentils, spicy tomato sauce, and fried onions. While it is difficult to reproduce this type of assembly at home, it is possible to layer all the ingredients in a casserole and keep warm. This is how we’ve approached this mega popular Egyptian dish.

NOTE: If it seems a bit overwhelming, think about breaking this recipe up over a few days (make the pasta and sauce one day, the rice and lentils anther day…) just keep everything refrigerated until you’re ready to assemble.


1 cup dry macaroni
1/4 lb angel hair pasta, broken into 1-2″ pieces
1/8 cup olive oil

1 1/2 cups long grain rice

1/2 cup dry lentils


1-2 onions, sliced thinly and pan-fried in olive oil
1 batch Spicy Egyptian Tomato Sauce


Make sure every pot in your house is clean, because they are all about to get dirty.

Cook the macaroni, pasta, rice, and lentils according to package directions. I suggest cooking the pasta first.

When the pasta is done, place it in a bowl.

Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt.

Toss it together and place at the bottom of a 2 1/2 quart casserole.

Next, toss the cooked rice and lentils together.

Layer on top of the pasta mixture.

Drizzle with half of the Spicy Egyptian Tomato Sauce.

Top with the fried onions. (cook them over medium/low heat in a skillet with olive oil until caramelized).

At this point is pretty likely that the ingredients have cooled down, so place the casserole in a warm oven until heated through. Serve hot with extra tomato sauce on the side.

P.S. Here’s what it looks like in a bowl, if you are organized enough to serve Kushary in individual bowls…

And if you are, you’re an amazing human being… and, just possibly, living a toddler-free life.
Either way… it tastes the same in the casserole or the bowl, so don’t worry too much about looks on this one! This is rustic food, at its best!
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  1. I still think it should be eaten with a fork.

    The spicy sauce was SPICY (in a good way :)

    • Sasha Martin says:

      I can’t believe you think it’s spicy and I thought it was perfect. How did we reverse roles on this one?? xo

  2. Holy comfort food, batman! Great pictures.

  3. am i the only one who has a little mental freak-out at the idea of rice AND pasta in the same meal? I always think of it as one or the other….glad to know i was wrong, this opens up a whole world of possibilities!

  4. aunty eileen says:

    Holy moly, Batman for sure! That one-dish meal is incredible….
    as is the photography!

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