Giveaway Winners

I should have known. When it comes to choosing between apple or pumpkin pie, there can only be two winners.  Six votes went to each pie. Now I know – both pies are equally loved.

And, as promised, here are our two winners, selected at random by, and their comments.


I am thankful for the guardian angel that stood by my side and kept me out of the big trouble I could have gotten into ; thankful for my two beautiful daughters that lighten up my life ; for the good people in this world.
My vote goes to apple pie… because it’s really a favourite here in our family, but also because pumpkin pie is not traditional here and we’ve never tasted it ! (we will one day).

and to …


My father passed away last month and I will be eternally grateful that the last thing I said to him the night before was, “I love you, Dad.”

As for pie? Pumpkin, no contest!

We enjoyed reading everyone’s entries to the Thanksgiving Giveaway. Thank you for participating!

Please send me an email to sasha @ to claim your prizes.


  1. AnneSATX says

    Yes, definitely a nice surprise! I’ve also sent you an email. Thanks so much!

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