Month: April 2010


Menu: Bahamas

I tried to book a flight for all of us to go to the Bahamas this week, but their capacity was 50. We’ll have to settle for a Bahamian feast instead. Get ready for some down-home cooking, spiked with a little (or a lot) of Bahama Mama! Red Conch Chowder [Recipe] Everyone makes Conch Chowder a little bit different. Our version is made with ham, potato, green pepper, carrot, and celery. Island Macaroni & Cheese (Macaroni Pie) [Recipe] This macaroni and cheese is sliced into squares for serving – perfect for parties. Coconut Bimini Bread [Recipe] Sweet and dense, this bread is flavored with honey and coconut milk. Leftovers are perfect for French Toast. Bahama Mama [Recipe] Sail away with a Bahama Mama. Our version of this famous drink has coconut rum and orange juice.


About the Food of the Bahamas

Remember this part of Forrest Gump? Well, in the Bahamas, seafood comes any (and every) which way you want it. The most popular seafood treats are the giant, snail-like conch, crayfish, shrimp, and the clawless spiny lobster. Take conch, for example. Typical food shacks keep live conch on hand, cleaning them for each order. Most menus offer boiled conch, crack conch (deep-fried), grilled conch, and steamed conch. Some customers eat the sweet mollusk raw while others prefer it cooked. The creamy white flesh can be  tossed with fresh lime juice, laid on a salad, layered in a sandwich, made into a grilled patty for a burger, or floated in a brothy soup. And in case you were hankering for fish for breakfast, you’re in business. Locals eat seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bubba Gump would be impressed. Not a fish person? There are plenty of other great foods from the Bahamas, many of which are also loved in the US south. Grits and johnnycakes are popular side dishes. Another side dish, Peas n’ Rice is …


Monday Meal Review: Azerbaijan

This is meal #11 in my personal challenge to eat one meal from every country in the world. “Hey, wait a minute!” Brian said. Startled, I looked from him, to his fiancée, to my husband. We were standing in the kitchen. I was pouring drinks and telling them about the Azerbaijani food we were about to eat. “What?” I asked. Brian didn’t answer immediately; he was scanning my kitchen. I followed his gaze nervously, wondering if I’d missed a spill. The counters were clear. The dishwasher was running. Maybe that was the problem. The dishwasher was a little loud, I thought. “Oh, I’m sorry, I can run this later,” I said, pulling the door open. The rythmic swish of the water stopped suddenly. There was a pause while we shifted in the new silence. “No – where’s the,” and he trailed off, looking at the empty stove top. “The food?” I asked, finishing his sentence, laughing with relief. “It’s  under control.” I pulled a tray of raw lamb kabobs from the fridge and headed to the …


Sweet Saffron Custard with Rose water

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